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What is DiscipleLand Unlimited (DLU)?
DiscipleLand Unlimited is a comprehensive download “vault” of digital DiscipleLand lessons from its various curriculum lines, available to subscribers to access at any time.
How do I purchase/access DLU?
You purchase an annual subscription (billed monthly or annually) to access DLU. Subscriptions are based on the number of kids in your ministry. You can view all subscription tiers on the homepage.
Do you offer a discounted subscription?
The annual and lifetime tiers are discounted from the billed monthly tier. You can view all subscription tiers on the homepage.
Can I cancel at any time?
Regardless of which subscription tier you choose, your subscription is “locked in” for a period of one year. You may only cancel at the end of your subscription period before it renews.
What exactly do I get with a DLU subscription?
For the period of your subscription, you will receive a dedicated login to the DLU vault, which contains all the teacher and student lessons from ALL of DiscipleLand’s curriculum lines (Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten, Core Bible, Adventure, DiscipleTown, and Adventure). That’s more than 1,000 lessons and more than 2,000 files. These digital files can then be downloaded at your convenience and shared within your ministry.
Can I share my access login?
You may give other on-site members of your ministry the login credentials to download the files for themselves. You may not share access with another ministry or church campus.
How long can I keep/use my files?
You may keep your files as long as you are subscribed to DLU. If you cancel or decide not to renew your subscription, you are required to delete the files from all storage.
How can I find out more about DiscipleLand and how to use the curriculum?
The “Intro” files of each Teacher Guide will give you most of the information you need. You can also research the details of our curriculum at
Download our handy curriculum finder (PDF)
Do you offer other printed resources?
Yes! All of DiscipleLand’s core curriculum lines are available in print, including resources such as Teaching Pictures and Bible Cards. Order at